Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweetness of Babies

Today I had two very sweet and special moments with each of my nephews. First I held my youngest nephew, who is less then two months old, while he slept. He was happiest while held close with both arms wrapped around him. He nuzzled, smiled, and fussed a wee bit in his sleep. When he opened his eyes on occasion, he'd smile up at me as I crooned, then rub his face in my shoulder before going to sleep. I had a hard time surrendering him when he was hungry and ready to eat!

My oldest nephew, who is almost 2, has found a favorite hobby in sitting in my lap while I paint. He gently lifts the tubes of watercolors out of their box, naming the colors that he knows, and hold the tube up to me when he doesn't know the color. Today he learned white and pink! Other times he scribbles on a scrap of paper next to my painting. As a special treat, I load my brush up with paint and let him scrub it around on his drawing. Even when he is tired of art, he will still sit in my lap quietly and open and close whatever bottle I give him.