Monday, February 23, 2009

Feminity Means Response

I am still reading The Mark of a Man by Elizabeth Elliot, but it has been the best book I have read this year! Even better then Same Kind of Different as Me, which I also reeeeeally enjoyed. Anyway, back to the book: Elizabeth Elliot (widow of Jim Elliot, martyred missionary [Through Gates of Splendor and At the End of a Spear]) writes this book to her nephew telling him how to be a masculine man in our time of denying God's original plan for men and women. Not just men benefit from this book: Elizabeth also address women in some chapters; and the whole premise is a great one for women to know as well.

An exerpt from the chapter entitled Feminity Means Response:
Eve was made to order. God saw the shape of Adam's need and designed a woman to fit exactly in every way. She was made to be an adapter. When you're looking for the right woman to marry, Pete, look for one who is prepared to adapt to you. Now, don't suppose for a moment that you yourself won't budge. When two people live together night and day, for life, both of them need to give and take....
But if you find a woman who is ready to go where you go and do what you do without brooding about being "her own person", you'll have found a treasure. She will have to be a woman who has submitted herself to God, first of all...
The important thing for you, as a man, to remember, Pete, is that a woman cannot properly be the respnder unless the man is properly the initiator. He must take the lead so that she may follow, as in a dance. The willingness of each to perform the "steps" that have been choreographed gives the other freedom....It is a matter of placement. It does not necessarily imply that one is of lesser worthanymore then Jesus' being placed in a position "inferior to angels" suggests that angels are more worthy then Jesus.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


He said Facebook was banned, but never mentioned my blog... *grins*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

My best friend and I hosted a Valentine dinner for our boyfriends in a tent in the back yard. But we took no pictures :(

So, I'll have to describe everything!

We set up a large camping tent, and covered the poles in fairy lights. It filtered the light just enough to be absolutely stunning!! A card table was set with a white linen table cloth, formal china, and formal place settings.

We spent all day cooking:
Valentine’s Day Dinner

Hearts of Romaine
Sprinkled with Love (strawberries cut into hearts and almonds)
Sweetheart Dressing

Main Course
Baked Salmon with Crush’d lemon
Paired Potatoes
Flame seared Asparagus

Chocolate Strawberry Desserts
The salmon was wrapped in cucumber laces, and the asparagus was artistically laid on top of the mashed potatoes. The desserts were handmade chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse with a strawberry cut like a rose on top.

Graceful [Forgetful] Greta

I've been leaving things places.

My coat in various classes, only to walk out and shiver and wish I had remembered to pull my coat out of my closet that morning...(yes, I did remember to go back and grab it)
My purse in the office: Daniel took it with him and considered not telling me he had it...
My TI-83 at home on the day of a math test....


Locking my keys in the car the first time I drove to Daniel's house for dinner. He had to drive me home to get the spare key, then back to his house to get the car. At least I didn't ask for an escort home again. I did last time I had to drive at night. (not because I am afraid of being mugged, but because I don't like bright lights in my eyes while I'm trying to navigate roads I'm still not comfortable with)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have some plans up my sleeves, but since they both concern Daniel, and he reads my blog, I can't post anything here. Check back in the coming weeks for the result of my scheming