Friday, February 20, 2009

Graceful [Forgetful] Greta

I've been leaving things places.

My coat in various classes, only to walk out and shiver and wish I had remembered to pull my coat out of my closet that morning...(yes, I did remember to go back and grab it)
My purse in the office: Daniel took it with him and considered not telling me he had it...
My TI-83 at home on the day of a math test....


Locking my keys in the car the first time I drove to Daniel's house for dinner. He had to drive me home to get the spare key, then back to his house to get the car. At least I didn't ask for an escort home again. I did last time I had to drive at night. (not because I am afraid of being mugged, but because I don't like bright lights in my eyes while I'm trying to navigate roads I'm still not comfortable with)

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