Monday, June 20, 2011

Frame Re-do

 I bought this frame at the thrift store, intending to make into a chalkboard for the kitchen. I like the nice wide moulding, but didn't like that it said family across the top {to trendy for me}. So I knocked them off with a putty knife and sanded the glue down. But I couldn't match the paint color or the finish or ever sand it smooth enough without messing up the surrounding areas.

Then inspiration struck! make something to cover the areas up. I originally thought of ceramic flowers, since I could make them it at work, but I would have to paint them. And then I remembered my Sculpey stash. I couldn't find chalkboard paint in a color I liked, and though I had a recipe to make some, tracking down 2 tablespoons of unsanded grout {I didn't want to buy the whole bag and then have to store it}proved difficult, so I put the glass back in with some scrapbook paper, bought whiteboard markers with an office store return, and hung it in my laundry room {the kitchen didn't have enough wall space}.

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