Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nacho Soup

Daniel's favorite dinner is nachos. He loves to carefully arrange each chip {so it gets the maximum amount of cheese}, carefully dollop refried beans, and spread black beans, olives, and cheese over all. After it comes out of the oven; if there has been a sale; we put sour cream or avocados on top.

Afterwards, there  is usually half a can of everything left over, so last night I threw everything in a pot and made nacho soup.

I started with a box of chicken stock, whisked in refried beans and cheese {coat the cheese in corn starch first or it will not melt into the broth, just sink to the bottom}, and added black beans, olives, and chunked turkey. We had crushed chips and avocado to put on top. Daniel likes chunky soup, but if you want it smoother, you can send it through the blender

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