Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Very Unusual Class

Classes just started for me here at KSU, its my second day of classes, so professors are still introducing themselves and going over the syllabus. I had World Civilizations this morning. I found a spot near the front, and watched as people kept pouring in. Soon there were more people then seats. That's odd, I thought, but ignored it as I chatted with my neighbor. She mentioned looking forward to learning about political science, which startled me; but  knew I was in the right class, I had checked the room number this morning.

Then in walked a decidedly non-Asian professor (my history prof has an Asian name) and started writing Political Science 1101, Dr. McKelvy on the board. Soon we discovered that there were three classes all assigned to the same room at the same time: Political Science, Criminal Justice, and World Civilizations. One person facetiously suggested that we combine all three classes; which got a laugh out of the room, while the professors went to their department heads to figure out the mix-up.

We go the room, and as soon as the rest of the students had filed out, we started class, forty-five minutes late. Dr. Jhaung was explaining his grading policy when a strobe light flashed. Annoyed, I look around for the person with a camera. The it flashed again. Maybe the lights were flickering? In the quizzical hush that followed, I noticed the alarm strobes mounted on the wall near the Power Point screen. A canned voice issued obscure warnings as we filed past our resigned professor. Class had lasted five minutes.

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