Thursday, August 7, 2008

Setting the Record Straight

I'm sorry it sounded like I was trying to argue with my brother, but all I was trying to do was to reasonably explain how to build a blanket house. He was the one that went stomping off to his room. Why didn't you scold him instead of me?

No, I really wasn't trying to tattle (besides, I wasn't the tattler...someone else was), all I was trying to do was get recognition for my deduction skills. See, our game required that we place a stick where the front of our roller blades ended up, and the person closest to the wall won. David placed the stick right next to the wall trying to claim victory, but you see, he didn't account for a foot being there.

I know we never defined jacket, but I always assumed we were talking about a blazer. I don't like blazers, though you are certain you can find one I like. The jacket I tried on and liked was not a blazer. Ergo, you haven't won yet.

(P.S. This is a very tongue-in-cheek post.)


Dstreet said...

I realize I didn't win. I'm sorry to have piqued your highly competitive side. :)

~Your Beau

Greta said...

You are forgiven. As always. :)