Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shepherd's House Food

Near us, there is a church ministry that collects expiring food from Publix and Trader Joes, packs them into boxes, and sells the boxes for six dollars. She packed it really full this time for me. Everything on the list I got for six dollars. And the two items that still had prices on them added up to $7.60. All I need for this week is eggs.

Cuban baguette (TJ)
small dinner rolls
hot dog buns
sandwich loaf (TJ)

chicken meatballs (TJ)
grilled chicken with tortellini (TJ)
Chicken salad (TJ)
uncooked chicken quartres (TJ)

shredded carrots
Country Italian salad (TJ)
2 bags of cut apples (TJ)
bunch of bananas (Publix)
Romaine head
Iceberg head
orange bell pepper

Hormel Chili
Fruit Cocktail (Publix)

A gallon of milk
Gourmet cheddar cheese (TJ)
Chocolate pudding (TJ)

Long apple strudel (publix)
2 jalapeno ranch sauce cups
2 hot sauce cups


Heather said...

mm, yeah, we got some of the same stuff. If you come up with something really great for the Jalapeno dipping sauce, let us know! we got 6 cups and are at a loss!

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Chips? Fresh broccoli for the Jalapeno dipping sauce?
Oprah had a show that featured "Freegans--people who save the environment by going dumpster diving. One young professional couple she had on did so for their faith--so they could give to others.