Monday, June 23, 2008

Week In Review

Week's Weather: Hot and sunny with a wee bit of rain sometimes

Sunday Sermon: "The Missional Church" John 15:7-14

Life lessons: Playing covert agents in public is fun!

Favorite Meal: Hotdogs and chili

Treasured Moment(s): Walking in the pasture with Daniel, Playing Mission Impossible in Publix, Singing and dancing in the car to "Be a Man" from Mulan

In the News-National: have no clue

In the News-Local: have no clue

In the News-Personal: Christine and I "stalked" Daniel in Publix...sneaking around like we were in Mission Impossible

Things I Read: I Heart Bloomburg by Melody Carlson, To Catch a Thief Series

Talked With: Daniel, Christine, Gregory, and Norman

Places We Went: church, hiking through the woods

Budget Savers: Raviolli for $1 a can

Budget Busters: none!

Blessings: Daniel

Challenges: how to relieve bordeom and keep Christine from mooping. Or was it mopping? :)

Accomplishments: baked cookies, manipulated Norman and Gregory :), figured out how to use the clone tool in Photoshop

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