Thursday, July 31, 2008

Clothes to Get Rid Of

I'm having a hard time getting rid of these shirts, though I never wear them. So Christine and I set up a "foster care" system. She gets to borrow them, with the possibility of adopting. :)

This black one really isn't my style, more Christine's. But I love the collar embroidery! I bought it in eighth grade...time to let it go?

I keep hearing red is one of my colors, so I bought this shirt at the thrift store because of the style, and the color. But I am more of a pink and blue person, which don't go with red. Incidentaly, I have more red shirts then any other color! Still not sure I can let this one go.The picture really doesn't do the fabric justice. Chinese blouses aren't my favorite style, but I loved the fabric and tried to find a pattern that would go with it. Perhaps I should have just have made something I'd wear more often. The problem with this one; the facing is uncomfortable. Perhaps it will go into the mending pile rather then the give away.

So, Christine, it looks like you will only be getting one shirt after all.

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