Friday, July 4, 2008

In Control

Yesterday, I had a really bad cold. My throat was sore and swollen, so much I had a hard time breathing (with my mouth open). I was very congested, and on top of that, I was so weak, I could hardly move. Today I woke up feeling so much better. Everything is almost gone. I still am a little congested, and my throat is slightest bit swollen. I still have fits of weakness. But I am well enough to go see the fireworks.
Since I am still sick, my family won't let me touch food. They fill my plate at each meal, and between times, I have to ask for food or something to drink, and wait while they get it on their own time. They always give me too much food, especially of the foods I don't like. Or the wrong end of the meat. Or not the right kind of tea. I can't sneak into the kitchen and grab a bite to eat. If I asked, Mom would tell me the next meal is coming soon (though its actually hours away).
I am also germaphobic at times, have (unconfirmed) low blood sugar, inconsistent, stubborn, stubornly opinionated, afraid to make a choice (at times), I have lied, I have cheated on school work, I have no concept of numbers. I am a flawed person loved tremendously and unconditionally.

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