Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a very memorable Valentine's Day!
1st: It was the the first time Daniel and I got to celebrate together
2nd: It was the first time I really got to celebrate with someone besides my family
3rd: Christine and I made a fondue dinner for the boys (that was our Valentine's Day gift to them)
4th: I have a broken nose
Grab a cup of tea, sit back in a comfy chair, and hang on. This is going to be a story!
Tuesday, two days before Valentine's Day, Daniel and I were enjoying a lovely walk on campus after classes were finished. Somehow, my nose got in the way of his elbow (it was a pure accident). I swallowed back the pain, and begged my nose not to bleed. It bleeds very easily-if someone just looks at it wrong, or if I am reading a book it does not like, it will start gushing. Now thats helpful if I am trying to get out of yard work, but not so helpful when one's beau already feels awful for hitting you (even though it was an accident).
By Wensday, I was pretty well convinced that my nose was broken. It hurt, and I could feel something that felt like a break at the bride of my nose. But I had school, and I had to work. I figured I could go to the doctor on Friday (today). Until I remembered that school has a clinic on campus. Christine, Sarah, Daniel, and I traipsed over there. Apparently, my story got around the clicnic...I could here the nurses talking about it!
They strongly reccomended that I go to the urgent care, since they could do nothing for me. Christine had to go to class, but Daniel and Sarah were able to drive me to an urgent care near school. They took three x-rays of my nose, and didn't see any sign of a break. But wait! Your'e thinking, she said she has a broken nose, not she thought she had a broken nose!
Yup! I think the doctor was wrong. He himself said that he's not competent in reading x-rays, and I think he was just looking for a serious break. Possibly, the break is so small, it didn't even show up on the x-ray. I can feel something. On the bridge of my nose, right where the bone and cartiledge meet, I can feel a small crack or valley. I don't think it went the whole way through the bone. My theory: as the cartiledge was shoved up, it chipped the very edge of the bone. If you ever look at skulls, you can see that that bone where they meet is very thin.
Christine and I got to rush home to finish preparing the dinner, which turned out delicious! We had a brie and a chocolate fondue. Bread and steak went with the cheese, and strawberries and cookies with the chocolate. The chocolate was averyone's favorite!

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